Users must NOW register PPPs before 22nd June 2022

All users of plant protection products (PPPs) must register their storage and use, by 22nd June 2022, on a new database being compiled by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Although announced in April this year, the requirement is not new – it’s part of Official Control (Plant Protection Products) Regulations introduced in 2020. While it has been a requirement since that time, it is only now that agricultural, horticultural and amenity users have had to comply. The HSE is tasked with enforcing the regulations.

The NFU says it has contacted Defra regarding the short notice and is asking for urgent discussions on the process of introducing these new requirements. It adds the regulations appear to overlook the UK’s farm-level assurance that is already designed to ensure PPPs are used responsibly in agriculture.

Who needs to register?

  • If you use professional PPPs as part of your work 
  • Have professional PPPs and any adjuvants applied by a third party as part of your work in agricultural, horticultural, amenity or forestry.

What do I need to register?

  • Your name
  • Your business address
  • Information about the PPPs you use and/or store in a typical year
  • Email completed spreadsheet to:

How do I register?

You need to download and complete a spreadsheet, which is available online on the Defra website. Once complete, the form must be emailed to Defra by 22nd June 2022.

Find out how to register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants.

Download the Professional PPS registration form as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Download the Professional PPS registration form as an OpenDocument spreadsheet.

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