Adding Value Grant Funding – Farming Investment Fund

Grants for farms are available for farm buildings, machinery or equipment that will add value to crops/ livestock by increasing productivity and improving the environment.”

The much anticipated details of the ‘Adding Value’ theme within the Farming Investment Fund have today, been released by the RPA. Grant funding of between £25,000 and £300,000 will be available for up to 40% of eligible funding costs that seek to process, diversify and add value to produce. This includes equipment for:

  • Preparing or processing edible agricultural products
  • ‘Second stage’ processing of grain such as blending and colour sorting
  • Processing non-edible agricultural products into new products (e.g. flax, hemp, wool, hides, skins)
  • Retailing eligible agricultural products (e.g. display facilities and vending machines)
  • Premises for the preparation/ processing of added value agricultural products (including storage areas)

Grants for farms

Grant funding will include the installation and commissioning of eligible capital items. Stage 1 applications, via an ‘Online Checker,’ are to open in June 2022 which will allow you to understand your chance of success for the funding. Following this initial stage, should the project score highly, applicants will be invited to submit a full application. The Rural Payments Agency have advised that they will prioritise funding for the following projects and that a stronger score will be received for achieving more of the listed priorities (as below).

  • Increase, improve or introduce new processing capabilities
  • Grow your business - to improve business resilience
  • Process products for the first time
  • Shorten supply chains
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships
  • Improve environmental sustainability

For further information of projects eligible for this farming grant, please visit the UK Government website grants for: About the Adding Value grant, who can apply and what the grant can pay for