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Contract Farming and Tenancy Management Consultants

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Douglas Green Consulting provide advice and help for farmers to work through the complexities of contracts and tenancies. Whether you are a landowner looking for a tenant or a potential tenant looking for a farm or land - we can help with all aspects from the documentation to the practical.

Contract Farming

We have a wealth of experience assisting and managing the appointment of contract farmers to look after your arable or dairy enterprise and can help with:

  • Setting up farm agreements, in conjunction with land agents
  • Providing administrative services
  • Budget and monitor the system both short or long term
  • Providing management accounts
  • Advice on the calculation of divisible surplus

Tenancy Applications

We have lots of experience tendering for contract farming and tenancy agreements and understand what agents are looking for when assessing applications. Our plans are credible and fully costed so you can ensure your plan stands the best chance of success and will add to the long-term viability of your business.

At Douglas Green Consulting, we recognise that planning finance in support of a tenancy or contract agreement is really important too. Our budgets provide your bank with all the information they need to assess your plans, thus improving the chances of support immeasurably. 

What’s in it for me? Your financial plans sorted with the best chance of success

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Farm Succession

Moving a farming business from one generation to another is not always a smooth and simple exercise. Every case is different, from looking at the capital requirement of siblings to looking at what the best farming system should be used for moving the business forward.

If you are considering contract farming, applying for a tenancy, or trying to work through the complications of succession, ring us on 01666 817278 or contact our farm consultants for a free consultation to find out more. Or complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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