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The Science of Dairy Herd Fertility

Its well known that good fertility in cows leads to good milk profits. And at Douglas Green Consulting achieving pregnancies in cattle is a key objective. No pregnancy - no milk!

Dairy Fertility - Key to sustainable profits

Dairy herd fertility is the first thing to suffer when cows are under stress and as well as looking at nutrition we look at minimising all stress points in the management regime.

Poor herd fertility can easily reduce your annual milk sales per cow by over 500 litres per cow. High yields are no excuse for poor fertility, but you do need to raise your management standards.

Our approach is to:

  • Analyse where you are: We use Interherd and Uniform to gain a real insight into your fertility performance and management
  • Prioritise which management changes are needed to drive results
  • Provide detailed management input to ensure best possible transition and fresh cow management - key to achieving results
  • Manage the energy balance in your cows. Focus on rumen function, lameness, access to feed and ration formulation to reduce energy stress

To book your first consultation to increase your cows fertility, please call our independent dairy farm consultants on 01666 817 278.

Want to increase your milk profits

Our dairy farm consultants work with you and your dairy business to increase your milk profits. Working with you every step of the way. From increasing your farm profits with the right cow feed, to helping with the science of dairy herd fertility and dairy herd welfare.

We are here for you.

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