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Milk Profits Though Efficient Dairy Farming

Generating a good profit from milk yields means low costs per litre. We will help you increase profits from milk and our target is sub 25ppl costs including your family drawings before rent and finance. In the good times this translates into high profits, and when times aren’t so good, you can weather the storm. Its all about managing volatility and maintaining a margin.

We have a wealth of dairy farm business experience to guide you in creating strategies for boosting dairy milk profits.

How to improve milk profitability

There are many ways to improve milk profitability. Reviewing your dairy business and technical performance will be carried out by us as well as bench-marking against other dairy farmer’s milk profit results.

We present our clients with key areas where we can drive efficiencies within your dairy farm. Providing you with the costs and benefits which are backed up with the technical inputs you need to make informed decisions. Significant changes in dairy farm management are often achievable and these can translate directly into increased milk profits.

We will discuss with you how to assess options open to you to drive efficiencies and profit. These may include growth of the herd, investing in new facilities, moving to block calving, ceasing fringe activities to focus on the herd, reducing yield, change in milking frequency and many more.

Linking business and technical solutions

Linking business and technical solutions together is important. So often we see farms where the budgets are done by one firm and the technical input by another, and both operate in isolation. At Douglas Green Consulting we know that this doesn’t deliver the best results. It’s important to link the two together so that the budgeted performance is as far as possible achieved. Ideally we would like to retain both roles and in the majority of cases this is what happens. However, we are flexible and as an alternative will work closely with your current provider. The key is that the budget reflects the milk sales and feed spend incurred accurately and you get the results you need. Contact Douglas Green today for help to improve your milk profits.

Want to increase your milk profits

Our dairy farm consultants work with you and your dairy business to increase your milk profits. Working with you every step of the way. From increasing your farm profits with the right cow feed, to helping with the science of dairy herd fertility and dairy herd welfare.

We are here for you.

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