Here we share intuitive ways to increase business success in dairy farming.

How creative are you feeling?

When it comes to generating more business for your dairy farm, there are many ways that you can increasing sales. It just takes a little bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box.

As professional dairy consultants, Douglas Green has seen various innovative ways to increase business. Coming up with a plan requires a bit of creativity and if you aren’t feeling creative, here are a few ideas to consider:

Find new ways to distribute your product

We have seen dairy farms package their milk and sell them in vending machines across the UK. We have also seen diary farms set up farm shops to sell milk and other farming produce to increase sales.

If you need help understanding your distribution options, contact a dairy consultant such as Douglas Green.

From end product to ingredient

When we think of milk and dairy farming, we naturally think of selling milk, but that delicious white substance is also a key ingredient for many other food products.

Whether you start up a business baking cakes and selling yoghurts or partner up with local food businesses that you can supply milk to, either option can help you increase sales and profits from your dairy farming.

Diversify food sales

Farming landing can often be under-utilised, and you could grow crops or diversity into other livestock. Doing this can really help increase profits, but it must be thought out properly first. Make sure to work with a farm business consultancy to put together a strategy and plan of actions for going forward.

Diversity into non-food products

As UK farm business consultants, we have also worked with dairy farms to diversify into none-food related products including the renting out of land to other businesses and creating products that are then sold in their new farm shop.

Host themed events

In the spring and summer, some farms host “visit the farm” style events that allow local residents to see how a working farm operates. This can include making money from tractor rides, selling cooked (barbecued) farm food and the sales of other farm produce.

We’ve also seen farms do themed pumpkin carving events at Halloween, Bonfire events and Winter wonderland themed events to attract business from the surrounding area.

… and much more

These are just a few examples of ways that you can intelligently increase business success in your dairy farming business. For your business, you might have more and better ideas for increasing sales and profits in your business.

Get help from a farm business consultant

If you are serious about generating more business then a farm business consultancy can really help by sharing their experiences, and by supporting you with their knowledge and expertise.

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