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What help can banks give farms?

There are several ways in which banks can help farms, depending on the needs of that farm business. This can cover personal finance, agricultural farm finance and agricultural mortgages and agricultural re-mortgages.

If you need finance for farm land and buildings, there are a number of agricultural mortgages that one can apply for. Agricultural mortgages are designed to help farmers buy farmland, farm buildings or improve existing farm properties. Our specialist independent farm consultants work with bank managers and estate managers in the UK with both property expertise and local knowledge. Therefore, you'll get bespoke financial help to find you find the most effective funding for your farming business.

Credible information for your bank manager

As the success of your farm is also our success we will ensure your financial records are managed well and kept up-to-date, so they are favourable to banks for your future requirements, should you need finance for land, farm buildings, livestock, feed or farm machinery to name but a few.

We understand the quality of business information needed by banks and how much this increases over time. Agricultural bank managers are well trained in assessing farm businesses but for them to assess all areas effectively they require quality information to be able to do so. The better the information a farm can provide a bank, the better they can help. Contact Douglas Green - Independent Farm Consultants to discuss what your farm needs.

Independent farm consultants

At Douglas Green Consulting, our business management solutions work well for our farming clients and are well respected by the financial institution as they appreciate that budgets are fully costed and credible and that we have the farming knowledge to help ensure those budgets are met. We work closely with you to help you get the most out of your business and help with future growth. And as we are Independent farm consultants we provide unbiased advise to help you sustain and grow your agricultural business from strength to strength.

Business planning for farms

We provide regular management information which you can pass to your bank manager as the year progresses to ensure they are fully briefed as your business develops. We’ll also work with you to create a viable business plan using our 5-year business planning software for farms.

Read more on our business planning for farms.

Being independent we maintain very strong links with the banks key agricultural managers and we fully understand their needs and, at the same time, continue to build our credibility with them to the benefit of all concerned. As we have built a strong relationship with the banks agricultural managers we can give them all the information they require in a well-planned and timely manner, giving you the best possible chance of securing the financial help you require for the future.

What’s in it for me?

Getting the right information to your bank manager at the right time to keep him/her on side

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