Should we be asking for thanks as farmers?


A recent article shared on social media made me think about how our industry is viewed and the opinions we have on agriculture and the products we produce.  Should we be asking for thanks for producing food or should we be thanking our customers for choosing to do business with us?  The article can be found via the link below and I urge you to take a minute to read it:


Kate Miller Article: I will not thank a farmer


As I read the article it made me realise that it is not about not thanking a farmer for producing the food we rely on, but instead looking at the bigger picture and thanking everyone involved in the process of field to fork, including our end market - the consumer.


We are all businesses and rely on our customers for our survival. We must engage positively with the consumer, educate and listen - they buy our product and without them we don't have a business.

Thanks must go both ways, thank those that produce the product (all the way along the food chain), but also thank those who buy the product.

So thank you to our wonderful clients for choosing to work with us and thank you to those ancillary businesses who make it possible for our clients to keep doing what they do best - farming!  We couldn't do what we do at Douglas Green Consulting without your support.




Director, Douglas Green Consulting