Have you sorted your fertiliser requirements going forward?

It may seem a little early to be thinking about input purchases when we are still in the midst of harvest, but sources from Openfield have suggested that planning now could be beneficial to your business.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the potential for a no deal scenario on 31st October the forward price for fertiliser is already starting to reflect suppliers moves to guard against this.

Companies are issuing terms that are much stricter on delivery dates and potential charges should delivery not be taken.

Yara have published new terms with a November delivery option for N & NS at ~ £14/t higher than the October option.

Should we leave with no deal on 31st October the duties on AN / CAN / Urea & Nitrogen Sulphur Grades, DAP & MAP and TSP will all be immediately effected.

This is also true for NPK blends and compounds so planning your fertiliser requirements now could help your business in these uncertain times.

Should you require any help with fertiliser planning please contact us via the office: 01666 817278 or via email: douglas@douglasgreenconsulting.co.uk

(Source: Openfield)