Welcome to the spring edition of the Douglas Green Consulting newsletter


With BPS safely behind us, now maybe a good time to look towards the future and explore the opportunities available for securing additional income during a time of transition.


We now know that as of 2021 BPS will start to be phased out.  We have been told that a new  Environmental Land Management Service (ELMS) will be launched, but as yet no firm date has been given.  This may result in a period of time with no support payments and as a result we would recommend that clients look at applying for a Countryside Stewardship agreement to ensure some additional income during this period of transition.


Our newsletter outlines the options available and steps you need to take.  Please click on the newsletter link below to find out more:


DGCL Spring Newsletter - Countryside Stewardship Opportunities


Please note the deadline for applying for a Countryside Stewardship Application pack is 31st May 2019!


Should you need any further advice or support please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants, who would be happy to assist you further:




01666 817278