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NVZ and Fertiliser Planning

Field of maize - fertiliserDouglas Green Consulting are committed to getting the best results out of your farming land so your business thrives. This requires planning, strategy and knowledge.

What is NVZ?

NVZ stands for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones ( NVZs ) which are areas designated 'at risk' from agricultural nitrate pollution. They include about 55% of the land in England. Read how the NVZ rules can affect farmers and the farming community as a whole and find out more about NVZ rules

Soil Nutrient Planning

We provide a comprehensive NVZ planning service to keep your records up-to-date for nitrate vulnerable zones purposes. We use Planet Software and then record your actual usage, to demonstrate compliance with regulations. NVZ and fertiliser planning service is provided through a mixture of visits from our consultants and secretarial input either on the farm, or in the office to ensure that a cost effective service is provided to you. In addition, our staff providing these recommendations are FACTS qualified.

Financial Benefits of NVZ and Fertiliser Planning

Controlling and monitoring fertilisers, ensures that what is used, and how it is used, is as cost effective as possible. Getting a full account of value of manures especially with the high cost of fertilisers, and a full account of legumes to reduce inputs.Grazing cows on manure rich land

Douglas Green Consulting also works with organic farmers to balance nutrient inputs without the use of artificial fertilisers - call us now on 01666 817278 to find out more.

Management of Manures

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