We have never seen a year when budgeting has been so challenging. Every time we talk to the trade the cost of raw materials has risen yet again. Fortunately, milk price is eventually catching up, but what does it all mean for 2022 - 23 accounts?

Extrapolating forward from what we know today, our estimate is attached and summarised below:

2020 21
2021 22
DGCL Expected
2022 23

DGCL expected
% Change

TOTAL OUTPUT 33.36 35.55 50.55 1.42
TOTAL VARIABLE COSTS 17.47 18.74 27.68 1.48
GROSS MARGIN 15.89 16.81 22.87 1.36
TOTAL DIRECT OVERHEADS 13.73 14.41 18.15 1.26
TOTAL RESOURCE COSTS 2.38 2.38 2.74 1.15
PROFIT Excl. BPS -0.22 0.03 1.98
COMPARABLE FARM PROFIT 2.16 2.41 4.72 1.96

After a considerable lag in the Spring, milk prices are now keeping up with inflation, but there is still not much slack! Recent turmoil in the financial markets is adding yet further stresses, and the full extent of interest rises are yet to be seen. In our analysis we have increased interest by 35%, but for many it will be considerably more, eroding profit per litre to historic (i.e. low) levels.

Many businesses with robust production systems, ones that can cope with higher input costs, coupled with lower levels of debt, will have a much better year.  

At DGCL we are helping our clients develop systems that leave a good margin per litre. Not necessarily the highest yields, but systems based on great technical results, and good milk price to spend ratio’s.

Dairy Farm Business Software

Our software allows us to take a creative and innovative approach to guide you through turbulent times: 

  • Look at the impact of inflation on your profit outturn
  • Model on how to react
  • Plan with greater confidence

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