Maximising Profits: The Team approach

On behalf of Douglas Green Consulting Ltd, The George Farm Vets, Alta and Old Mill Accountants, welcome to Upper Farm for what we hope you will find is an interesting and enlightening farm walk. Rob is an inspirational manager. Believing in a team approach he has his key staff and specialists meeting regularly to ensure that everyone is working together for the benefit of his business. The results and progress that has been made, as you will see, is quite remarkable.

The dairy business is focussed on profit, not highest yield or biggest herd. The team continually reviews each cost in the production of milk and strive to find a way to make it more cost effective. Achievements have been made in the following:

  • Reduced cost of feeding cows through machinery sharing with others
  • Better nutrition to benefit cow health and performance
  • Improved cow and heifer fertility
  • Reduced mastitis

The Team consists of:

Rob Pickford Manager
Henry Freeman Herd Manager
Tom Oxtoby Dairy Vet
Douglas Green Nutritionist/Dairy Management Consultant
Alan Timbrell Breeding Specialist
Richard Haines Accountant

We are indebted to Rob, Gabrielle, Jim & Di for hosting this event – thank you

Efficient Dairy Farming

We are delighted to provide dairy consultancy services to DW Pickford & Son on a monthly basis, and congratulate Rob on his success.

As Dairy Management Consultants we continually monitor the costs of production for our clients and the wider industry so that we can target the areas where improvements can be made.

A focus on technical excellence as demonstrated by Rob and his team ensures efficient use of inputs to drive profit.

Targets are set and performance monitored monthly on key indicators of production, fertility, mastitis and feed costs.

Worthy of mention:

Only 1ppl difference in output between average and the best; Strong profits are derived by controlling costs.

Good control over feed costs with the feed spend of 2.69p or 24% less than average. Rob consistently provides top quality forage with very competitive buying. We target the spend and ensure well balanced, efficient diets at each stage of the lactation and during the dry period.

Low AI costs due to excellent herd fertility management.

High fertiliser cost due to the allocation of slurry and FYM across the entire farm area, not just the forage block.

Staffing costs are higher but the focus on technical excellence is achieved. In addition, staff on the farm are all employed.

Power and machinery costs (including contracting) is 5.9 ppl compared to average of 6.4ppl and best at 9.4ppl. This reflects the economies of scale achieved through collaborating. (A4 farmers and 3C&Me).

Profit is an impressive 7.07 ppl.

Cost of Milk Production is 3.55ppl below average and 1.10ppl below the best 10% herds.