There are considerable opportunities to reduce costs this winter, capitalising on lower feed costs. We are currently busy winter feed planning and are budgeting feed cost per litre savings of 2-3 ppl over last year, where forage supply and quality is good.

Douglas Green Consulting have considerable experience in designing cost effective dairy diets.

The sustained decline in milk prices will make increased efficiency and lower costs absolutely vital to maintain cashflow.

Forage Quality

Whilst early cut 1st cuts and a good proportion of 2nd cuts are analysing and feeding well, the picture is far from uniform. Difficult weather conditions in late May and early June means a good proportion of  grass silages  made this year are disapppointing, and therefore more difficult and costly to balance.

Grain & Straights Prices

The substantial fall in grain and straights prices this year looks to be sustained and go some way to help dairy farmers offset the significant milk price falls we are currently experiencing

Some excellent buys currently are:

  £ /t
Cereal ( Wheat ex farm ) 110
Rolled Delivered Wheat 125-130
Rape Seed Meal 177
EU/US Distillers Grains 166
Maize Gluten Feed 155
Brewers Grains 33

Care is needed to balance forages to get the best from them. Douglas Green Consulting has the tools, expertise and experience to deliver the best results from the forage at your disposal.

Remember that we are completely independent, and do not derive profit by selling products to you. This puts us in a strong position to advise you on the best solutions available.

For further advice and assistance contact us now on 01666 817278.

Your Dairy Farm Objectives

Dairy feed costs represent the largest single cost in dairying and its vital the spend is targeted well to drive profitability.

Many feed companies provide a well balanced diet, but one that does not consider the cost effectiveness of their solution of how it fits with the overall farm objectives. Our diets are different.

We budget ahead the entire year, setting targets and monitoring carefully to ensure the budgeted result is achieved. This approach has served us and our clients well, and helps expain why we have such a loyal client base.