Details for round 2 of the Slurry Infrastructure Grant have now been announced by DEFRA and the RPA. We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to outline the detail of the scheme!

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  • You must already by producing slurry and be a pig, beef or dairy farm.
  • Landlords and tenants can apply. As a tenant you must obtain necessary permissions from the landlord. A landlord can also underwrite the agreement i.e. if the tenancy ends, the landlord agrees to continue the project.

  • £25,000 - £250,000
  • Final grant payments will be based on the reference cost contribution for the items needed (see table 1) or 50% of the actual invoice costs at claim stage. i.e. whichever is the lowest amount.

The grant will pay for improving storage to 6 months for beef and dairy and has increased to 8 months for pigs. This includes;

  • Replacing existing stores that are no longer fit for purpose.
  • Adding additional storage, if other stores that will stay part of your system meet slurry storage regulations, were built to relevant standards and remain fit for purpose. 
  • Expanding an existing store, for example by adding another ring to a suitable steel tank.
  • Covering new and existing stores.

 The full list of items is detailed in Table 1.

The application is a 3 stage process.

Stage 1 - slurry wizard and online checker
  • Open November 2023 (date tbc)
  • You must understand our current and future slurry storage requirements. To do this, you must use the latest version of Slurry Wizard (October 2023)
  • You should then complete the online checker to see if you are eligible and how much grant funding you may get.
  • If there is a high demand, projects will be prioritised based on locations with the greatest environmental outcomes. These locations have been updated for Round 2 and will be released in November.
Stage 2 - slurry store location and design assessment
  • If successful at Stage 1, you will be asked to complete a slurry store location and design assessment form which will then be assessed by the Environments Agency (EA).
  • This must be submitted by 30th September 2024.
Stage 3 - Full application
  • If the EA are satisfied the location and design assessment, you will then be invited to submit a full application. This will be assessed by the RPA to ensure the project is viable. 
  • This must be submitted by 27th June 2025.
  • If the full application is successful, the RPA will offer a grant. 

  1. Pig farms will now be offered funding up to 8 months storage. All other species will continue to be offered funding for 6 months storage.
  2. Grant will be available for slurry separators (screw or screen separator units, gantry and temporary storage of stackable materials).
  3. Support for covering existing stores with impermeable covers. This option can be used on its own or alongside building a store but must meet scheme storage requirements and minimum grant thresholds.
  4. Added option to build in-situ cast concrete stores as an alternative to circular and panel stores, lagoons and bags.
  5. Introduced option for landlords to underwrite grant funding agreements. This will give tenants more confidence to apply i.e. the landlord agrees to take over the agreement if tenant does not complete project.
  6. If you are successful in Round 1, the RPA will contact you directly to discuss updating your application to include the above changes if necessary.

Round 3 is anticipated to open in 2024.

Get in touch with the Douglas Green Consulting Team to discuss you options! Our consultants can help determine how the grant could be utilised on your farm and assist with the application process.

Further details can also be found at About the Slurry Infrastructure grant Round 2, who can apply and what it can pay for - GOV.UK (

DEFRA, along with the RPA and EA will also be hosting a webinar on the 9th November at 14.30. Tickets for the free webinar will shortly be available at the following link: A Defra webinar: The Slurry Infrastructure grant Round 2 Tickets, Thu 9 Nov 2023 at 14:30 | Eventbrite 

Table 1 - Round 2 Slurry Infrastructure Items

Item Grant Contribution
Above ground steel slurry store £31.50 per m3
Precast circular concrete slurry store £26.17 per m3
Earth bank lagoon without synthetic liner £10.08 per m3
Earth Bank lagoon with synthetic liner £18.22 per m3
Store using precast rectangular concrete panels £72.74 per m3
In situ cast reinforced concrete store £72.74 per m3
Large volume permanently installed supported slurry bag £19.27 per m3
Fixed flexible cover £32.17 per m2
Floating flexible cover £7.99 per m2
Screw Press separator £25,112 each
Roller screen press separator £23,996 each
Gantry to mount separator £5,154 each
Concrete pad for collection of stackable material from the slurry separator by trailer £6,414 each
Concrete bunker to accommodate short term storage of stackable material from the slurry separator  £168.18 per m2 to a maximum grant of £16,818 (based on 100m2)
Reception pits
Precast concrete reception pit £154.81 per m3
Cast in situ concrete reception pit £154.81 per m3
Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) reception pit £154.81 per m3
Steel tank reception pit £154.81 per m3
Electric powered slurry transfer pump £5,708 each
Powered take off (PTO) or hydraulically powered slurry transfer pump £2,638 each
Centrifugal chopper pump £5,635 each
PTO or hydraulically driven chopper pump £3,695 each
Galvanised steel pipe work 100mm £28.00 per m
Galvanised steel pipe work 150mm £55.33 per m
Polyethylene (PE) or equivalent pipework 100mm £25.07 per m
PE or equivalent pipework 150mm £33.04 per m
Transfer channels
Under-floor transfer channels £215.55 per m
Tank wall mixers tank capacity up to 1,200m3 £3,847 each
Tank wall mixers tank capacity up to 8,000m3 £8,668 each
Safety equipment
Inspection platform with ladder for above ground concret5e and steel tanks £1,460 each
Safety fencing for below ground stores earth bank lagoons and slurry bags £11.04 per m