Application for stage 1 will be open until 30th November 2023

Grants are available between £15,000 - £500,000 for large infrastructure projects to improve the health and welfare of your animals. Initially, the grant will be available for cattle keepers to co-fund new and upgrade calf housing that improves social contact and the ambient environment.

This grant represents an opportunity to fund changes on farm that will improve productivity and future-proof calf housing. Better housing provides a comfortable temperature, protection from humidity and draughts, as well as allowing social contact between animals.

For example, you could get funding for an A-frame building to house dairy calves from birth to weaning, or a mono-pitch building on a beef unit to house calves between 3-6 months. You can also apply for funding for permanent open-sided structures with igloos/hutches and other types of calf housing. 

Stage 1 - Online checker

For stage one of the application, you will need the following information:

  • Information about your business (such as type of farmer, legal status, and landowner status)
  • Information about the project (such as calf space to be provided, building design and interior specification, and environmental impacts)
  • Information about where the project is located
  • Information about any required planning permission
  • As estimate of the total cost of the project

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