In advance of the start of the autumn calving period, clients are reminded about the importance of transition cow management and ensuring best possible fertility, mastitis and production standards.

Contact us for an appraisal of your system and how to fine tune your current system for best results.

The appraisal considers the following:

  • Cow Condition and Nutrition.  It is vital cows are in the correct condition and receive the correct energy intakes before and after calving.  Too much or too little can lead to problems such as displaced abomasums, milk fever, ketosis and these will impact negatively on subsequent cow fertility.
  • Incidence of diseases post calving including milk fever, metritis, ketosis, retention of cleansings and displaced abomasums.
  • Environment - space allowances for dry cows have increased in recent years and this is important in reducing mastitis in the first 60 days of lactation.
  • Ventilation is important in reducing infections