If you have ever looked at Capital Grants through the Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier Scheme and found that you were outside the high priority area, now is the time to look again.

For the 2022 scheme, the areas have been increased to include medium priority areas too, which means many more farmers are eligible to apply for water capital grants via the Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier Scheme 

How do I know if I am in a Medium Priority Area for water grants?

You can see if you are in this by looking at the Defra Magic Map

Put in your postcode, on the left side select ‘Countryside Stewardship Targeting & Scoring Layers’, then select ‘Countryside Stewardship Water Quality Priority Areas’. If you are in either the red or yellow areas (most are!) then you can qualify.

What Capital Grants are available for farms?

A full list of grants is available via the Countryside Stewardship grants website from the Government, but some of the major ones we are finding farmers are applying for are:

  • Roofing dirty yards/silage clamps
  • Concrete yard renewal
  • Covers for slurry stores
  • Fencing & Hedging

If I want to apply what should I do now?

  1. The first step is to contact your local Catchment Sensitive Farming officer as soon as possible – they will get very busy!!
  2. You need their approval of your plans before you apply, so the sooner the better. A full list of officers and the areas they cover can be found on the Government website here: Catchment Sensitive Farming: advice to help farmers and land managers reduce pollution
  3. You'll need to complete a document and email it to your local officer.

For help or advice on grants for farms contact our independent farm business consultants on 01666 817 278

Who can help me put together a Mid Tier Application?

We do not get involved in putting together Mid Tier applications for farmers, but we do see many applications that other agents have submitted, so we can recommend someone to you if required.

Just contact our independent farm business consultants a call on 01666 817 278

What is the deadline for Mid Tier applications?

The deadline for Mid Tier Applications for farms is midnight on 29th July 2022 so if you are interested, we strongly advise you act on this fast.