The new Farming Equipment and Technology Fund was launched on the 16th November. The deadline for applications is midday on the 7th January 2022.

There is £27M available to help farmers fund the purchase of equipment to improve farm productivity.  

It is targeted at supporting investment in specific pieces of agricultural equipment – see the Government website for the list of agricultural farming equipment allowed 

Each item in the Appendix has been given a minimum specification which you must meet. You can claim up to 40% of the eligible costs but there is a maximum standard cost you cannot go over.  So, you do not need to submit several quotes in order to apply.

  • You can buy an item that exceeds the standard cost, but you will only be paid grant up to the standard cost.
  • Secondhand items are not eligible.
  • You can only apply once for this scheme.
  • You must not order or buy any items until you have confirmation that your grant funding is awarded.
  • You must purchase all items before submitting a claim form and you must buy and claim all items by 30th September 2022.
  • Lease or HP purchase is not allowed within this scheme.

How much money can I claim for farm equipment?

The minimum amount of grant has been reduced to £2,000 and a maximum increased £25,000.

Over the duration of the Scheme (Round 1 & 2) you will be eligible to claim a total of £50,000. Any grant claimed on the previous CPSG grant scheme will not count towards the £50,000.  

How do I apply for Farming Equipment and Technology Fund?

You use an on online application process, by going to the Government Farming Funding website and clicking on the FETF Application Portal. Or we can do it all for you.


We can apply on your behalf as your agents. Alternatively, we can assist you to apply in your own name. Call us on 01666 817278 or email us directly: 

You need to complete all the relevant questions and do not move away from the webpage, or close the browser until you have submitted your claim – you cannot save the application part way through.

It is claimed that the application takes 10 – 15 minutes to do – but we haven’t tested this yet!!!

Follow the instructions carefully.  If you access the application process more than once you may be asked additional security questions.