The latest announcement regarding the tougher restrictions was inevitable given the rise in infections and the more infectious new strain of the virus.

In spite of the new restrictions everyone here at DGCL is positively engaged in providing you with the best possible service and despite COVID restrictions we are working hard to remain focused on providing clients with high quality, cogent solutions to challenges and opportunities that lie in front of them. 

Whilst the office remains closed, all of our team are remotely working from home and our IT is syncing all PC's seamlessly, so we all have the information required to provide you with high quality and timely consultancy services.

We will continue to visit farms to provide technical services such as nutrition, forage and grazing management, but the meetings which would under normal circumstances take place in the farm office or around the kitchen table will be done remotely, harnessing Webex, Facetime or Whatsapp.

Furthermore, our on-farm meetings will be done in the fresh air, maintaining the usual preventative measures to minimize the risks to all parties, and of course we will not be sharing transport with colleagues or clients. 

Through these times we have found that visiting farms to view livestock and then retreating back to our home offices to have a video conference is proving to be very effective. We are all very well practiced now using programs such as Webex, Zoom and making use of Whatsapp and Facetime. We are also finding features such as screen sharing of information incredibly useful where we are able to share with clients what we are seeing. We thank our clients for adapting to this and we understand that many of you also find it valuable. 

We will continue to help and support clients in the safest way possible and all of our team is contactable should you require our services.

Thank you.