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Defra has just released further details on the new Basic Payment Scheme, in particular long awaited details of the management of the Greening measures. These measures will have a major impact on Farm Business Management for the next 7 years at least. As agricultural consultants, we invest significant time and effort to ensure we stay up to date to provide our clients with the best possible advice on this important subject. Read full newsletter on our website...…
BPS GREENING MEASURES - Defra have just released further information on the implementation of the CAP greening measures. This newsletter summarises this new information and is intended to be read in conjunction with our previous newsletter on the BPS Greening Measures. …
Douglas Green Consulting team up with George Vets, Alta and Old Mill to look at The Team Approach to consultancy on farms. All professionals working together in a co ordinated way to build profit and sustainability. We have always developed and maintained strong links with other professionals and this event demonstrates the benefit to Rob Pickford and family.…
Farm based waste exemptions registered before 6th April 2010 will expire on 30th September 2013. By this date you will need to have registered for a new exemption, or cease the activity.…
On the 17th May the amended nitrates regulations came into force, together with the revised NVZ boundaries - see newsletter for update…
Current evidence is suggesting that there is a continual spread of bovine TB towards the north and east of England - read for further update.…
Purchasing proteins is a bit like buying shares on the stock market. Prices vary day by day depending upon the balance between supply and demand, and when the former is so reliant on the weather internationally, and politics and market forces have their impact too, it is impossible to get it right all the time.…
Soil Protection Review, which is part of your cross compliance requirements, needs to be updated for 2012 by 31st December.…
38 articles 
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